Dharma in February 2022

Dear zen friend

While being sick during winter, I learned something new about sickness. The followings are ideas to share. 

1)  On YouTube a prominent doctor said too strong immunity becomes cause of sickness like allergies. I did not experience an allergic disease,  just heard some people are seriously ill under the name of allergy. People generally become sick due to their weak immunity. We may be living  between the extreme immunities. Health may be a balancing act. 

I get flu when I feel cold. Keeping myself warm is good for prevention from flu and recovering. In summer too hot temperature is a danger for people. From ancient times the balance of bodily conditions has been key to our survival. 

2)  In the recovery process, I went to gym for regaining breathing and muscle power. The idea that the stronger, the better was too simple. Each muscle needs blood circulation. If gained too much muscle mass, my heart must work harder. With too little mass, I cannot shovel snow. How much is good for me?

3) Each of us is made of billions of cells. In our body each cell wall is glued by pectin, a kind of  protein, with adjacent cell wall. This is how our  body is kept one, protected from outside attackers. 

Virus or bacteria dissolve pectin, then invade into a cell. When millions of  viruses gathered, the dissolve would become destructive. So a symptom of sickness appears. I felt my lung cells were floating like a balloon in the beginning of my last symptom.  Pectin must have been dissolved. 

For health recovery from viral sickness cell walls must be glued again in use of  pectin. For reconstructing pectin calcium is useful help. Diet is important, resting is recommended, patience for mending time is necessary. 

4)  Flu is common. Millions are infected each year. A few become seriously ill. 

Maybe flu viruses are everywhere. Hundred viruses are not powerful enough to bring disaster by dissolving pectin. Thousands or millions of viruses can dissolve certain amount of pectin. Like human, a virus is born, ages, and dies. In its life, it can give explosive cell-cleavage with its favorite conditions. The rapid expansion of viral population leads to symptom.    

If number of viral population does not exponentially increase, we are healthy and safe. .  


Eishin Ikeda

Vaalley Zendo

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