Dharma in the year of Tiger 2022

Dear Zen Friend

On 12/13/21,  Monday, constant coughing suddenly began.  I conversed with a friend on Sunday without any bad omen. I fell to hell from heaven within twenty four hours.  I had a feeling that lung cells were moving and vulnerable. I had never had trouble in lung  before. 

Sleeping was most bothersome. When I tried to sleep, coughing attacked me. A quiet posture seemed to attract coughing. So I tried to walk around and do chores to the limit of my ability for avoiding thinking of sleep. . 

After a walk for 10 meters to bring firewood,  I waited for recovery of breathing for five minutes. I spent in bed most of the time. I could not shovel snow on the driveway.  

To my surprise, there was no pain. no fever, no cold. in spite of hundreds of coughings, my throat was not hurt. Losing appetite and weight was comfortable. So I was always optimistic about the recovery of health.  Staircase looked wider, my body must have been thinner. I lost 20lb. 

The symptom was harshest around 20th of December. The trend  turned toward easier conditions as time went on. Number of coughing was slowly decreasing. The worst was over around Christmas eve. 

Friends and neighbors extended their hands. Thank you. 

On the fifth week, I went for shopping.  When tried to speak to a shop keeper,  cough was about to burst. I walked away silently. I could not speak with people, nor phone, nor sing, nor chant. 

On the seventh week I visited to a fitness club to test myself.  There was no problem in exercise and walking.  While rowing, coughing almost came out. Rowing was connected to lung function. My chest was a little heavy. As a whole my health was recovered about 90% of capacity. 

Was it corona, flu,  pneumonia,  or bodily adjustment for old age?  I became slim. 

A happy New Year!


Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

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