Dharma in March 2022

Dear Zen friend

1)  Birds are singing in the morning. 

Deer are walking around the zendo.

Daffodils are budding out. 

Crocuses are blooming. 

Spring is springing day by day. 

I did not worry about firewood during this winter. 

Abundant firewood are unburned. 

Winter was relatively warm.

It did not snow much. 

Spring thaw was not flooding. 

Yet there were a few windy days.

Power outage occurred from time to time. 

Huge trees were broken. 

Paths are blocked by fallen branches. 

It is time for Spring Cleaning. 

2). Two years ago around  this time, Governor Cuomo and President Trump argued about respirator. Having a respirator sounded critical for treatment of a corona patient. A military hospital ship which had many respirators was sent to New York. I had impression that a respirator could cure corona symptom. 

In Japan  a member of government medical council had corona symptom and was hospitalized. He had strongly recommended vaccination on TV,  was a kind of celebrity. But he himself was revealed unvaccinated. That fact drew nationwide attention on his speech and action.  

After the restoration to his health he issued statement that in hospital he was almost unconscious for about ten days and had difficulty to walk when he was out of bed. His ordeal was disastrous. He newly recommended vaccination more strongly. How he was infected was not known. 

A YouTuber explained what happened in the hospital. When a respirator was used, a tube was equipped  to lung areas through throat. A human cannot stand that uncomfortable pain. One tries to take that tube away either consciously or unconsciously. To avoid such incident, a patient must have general anesthesia and his hands must be tied to bed. 

He was unconscious because of general anesthesia. Corona viral activities are most vigorous for ten days. Thus his unconsciousness lasted ten days. He was difficult to begin walking due to lack of motion in bed. His statement explained how normal corona respiratory treatment proceeds.   

I recalled words collateral damage for his throat and legs, and side effects for narcotic drug. Was the respiratory treatment worth for a doctor who was sixties of age? Medical treatment sometimes is more painful than natural healing  or struggle. 


Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

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