Dharma in April 2021

Dear zen friend

1)  The first notes about Daffodil 200 were sent on 21st of March. I wrote that they would fully bloom soon. My expectation was wrong.

Today 95% of daffodil finally have bloomed.  They are in full bloom this weekend. Cherry, magnolia, tulip, and peony will follow. 

2) There is a Japanese youtuber which is majored in investment.  They act like a comedian, so sometimes I watch them,  

They talk about various topics because investing involves with many factors. They mention in each movie, “We cannot talk about corona pandemic due to YouTube regulations. Please see movies in another SNS in which we have uploaded corona related topics. We are letting you know other serious matters there, too.”  

In disguise of smooth comedian talks, they implicate that Youtube is imposing censorship. As a result, people gain disinformation about the pandemic. 

A Japanese executive document which instructs to artificially increase number of corona patients and death tolls was  found. The government has tried to spread the pandemic while speaking about prevention methods.  Although there exists good medicine, (All diamond Princess patients were treated by medicine.), Abe bought so-called new vaccine instead. There are many irrational policies in Tokyo and in Japan. 

Youtube has business worldwide.Has censorship been practiced in Japan alone? Who makes profit through the pandemic? Conspiracy theory may not be so fictional these days..


Eishin Ikeda

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