Dharma in May 2021

Dear zen friend

1)  June Sesshin :  from  06/19  to  06 /20  for 2 days. 

Sitting starts at 4:10 am, ends at 9:00 pm on Saturday. 

Sitting starts at 4:10 am, ends at 5:00 pm on Sunday. 

Many things have changed since March last year. 

Reopening is better to be slow I think. July sesshin would be for 3 days.  

2)   ‘Demon Slayer’ is one of the best masterpieces in the movie history.      

I went to a local movie theater to watch first time for more than ten years.      

And I was just overwhelmed. 

3)    A neighbor recommended me to have gluten free diet for years. His arguments were persuasive due to various scientific proof. But  I ignored his advice. I like pasta, bread, and baking show. 

Recently I recognized that he was absolutely right. Having had gluten free diet with rice, beans, and potatoes, my stomach worked well.  When I ate gluten stuff, I was in discomfortable mood and in dizziness. Perhaps my power of digestion has dwindled.  

4)  A topic about corona things: In India rapid rise of number of patient and death toll was news a while ago. The epidemic in the second most populous country scared the world. Quick decline of both patients and deaths in India is reported now. What has happened? Ivermectin (medicine which has  lengthened pet’s life) was widely used for people there. Some countries banned Ivermectin for treatment of patients after corona pandemic spread. 

Another corona related news: Some people died after a vaccine shot. A doctor said those people who died were small persons, so that shots possibly became overdosed.

I am a small person. Average quantity of medicine even aspirin is too much.  


Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

P/S  Taking a walk to the hut, there was a fawn lying in fern. It did not move an inch. I have never seen a still deer. Have to see if it is all right tomorrow morning. 

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