Dharma in February 2021

Dear zen friend

1)A foot deep snow remains around valley zendo. It is snow white as far as eyes can see. Maple sugaring begins. Daytime becomes longer and brighter. Spring has come. In a few weeks daffodil and more flowers will bloom. 

2)   Since 2018 visiting a clinic and meeting a doctor became norm.  For three years I have been intimidated by doctors about sickness and injuries.  Most of the time I was advised to have blood test and take medicine.  Then I felt depressed. 
Two weeks ago  “Fitness Program” drew my eyes in brochure of an insurance company.  I used to think such program was just a business promotion. Discomfortable conditions have persisted enough, I applied for membership at a fitness club. 
I visited the club 2 times last week first time for years. I walked, rowed, and did stretching. Caution and slow motion were priority. I could not sweat, which I used to love. 
On Sunday today, knee pain has gone, sciatica has almost not sensed. Fitness preventive program has worked well so far. 
We should know how to correctly walk and stretch before work out. Many YouTubes show a lot of hints. If correctly exercised, our bodies seem to recover their functions for some extent. For restoring to health, we may try to do motion or action first, and changing or correcting diet second.  

Regards.Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

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