Dharma in January 2021

Dear Zen friend
It was -6 degree Fahrenheit this morning, coldest this winter.
The stove needed 2 times more firewood to heat zendo.
One foot snow has stayed for 2 weeks.
Yet, mild weather is expected to be back after Monday.
The bottom is over, spring is near.

Naturally life is normal, somewhat bored, and peaceful.
We adjust ourselves to cold winter by skiing and skating.
In spring blossoms are spread and humming birds are welcome.
Swimming and camping are fun in summer.
Maple foliage and serene moonlight calm our minds in autumn. 
Nowadays abnormality is everywhere.
Town is quiet like silent spring. Kids run wearing mask.No more hugging nor shake hands.
Images as Americans may be changing.

Why do people look for vaccine rather than medicine?
Why do people talk about climate change rather than stove heating?If a stock price were rigged, many kinds of numbers would have been manipulated.
Mathematics was supposed to be pure science.Facing unusual crises, we should step back and sit.

Regards.Eishin IkedaValley Zendo
P/S  I had chance to have corona virus test on Christmas eve. Its result was negative.
Should I feel good because no virus was caught? Or should I be afraid that I am not immune? Things are complicated.

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