Dharma in October 2020

Dear zen friend
1) Sesshin is not scheduled in November. 

2)  Corona pandemic has been a dominant issue this year.
We are told to stay home and socially be distant from people.
At a burial site today, everyone wore a mask in blowing air.
We are still living under fear of the virus.

President Trump recovered from corona symptom and says his immune system has worked best.
His son is young,  he ignores the positive test result.
Less than 1% of infected people die.
Certain treatments are established among medical network.

Surge of cases in the US and European countries are reported.
Third wave is a scary idea.
A scientist said that a new test kit is so sensitive that it reacts even a virus in air while testing. 
Huge number of cases is good for pharmaceutical companies to sell expensive vaccine.

During the pandemic a clinic was closed.
It was inconvenient to talk to a doctor.
I was forced to live without doctor or medicine.
On October 17th I found how to cure sciatica by loose stretching through YouTube.

Another YouTuber showed where blood clogs are possibly made.
It was a sole of a foot.
This reminded me of a demonstrator of foot sole massage at a Country Fair, who said massage just made her feel good.
She might be breaking clogs down.

Clogs in the blood are said major cause of stroke.
We have taken aspirin to thin blood and dissolved clogs by medicine.
In reality we do not know exactly how and where clogs are made.
We should have massaged the soles of our feet.

Regards.Eishin IkedaValley Zendo

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