Dharma in May 2020

Dear zen friend
1) Corona virus pandemic has been calming but will not go away. People do not feel comfortable to sit together in a room. So we should wait for reopening zendo for a while.
  Doctors are talking about immunity. To increase immunity, we should keep ourselves healthy and take Vitamin D. Immunity is best in warm body and good sleep. Sunbathing is easy way to get vitamin D.
  Zendo has many things to do in summer. If you want to work outside for getting Vitamin D, please come and play around. We may discuss Buddha dharma on the deck.
2)  A Japanese scientist and an internet TV commentator said the following.  You may be interested in his views.
The corona virus pandemic is a logical outcome of the progress of science and technology.
After chemistry was studied hard, a poison gas was produced and used at WW1.
When nuclear physics advanced rapidly, an atomic bomb was invented and used during WWII. While knowledge and technology were existing, humans want to use them.
After airplanes were born and became common, bombers and missiles are deployed.
Likewise, humans found DNA and had technology to handle genes. That was why P4 laboratory was set up. Vaccines used to be made  with weakened virus poison. Now scientists try to make vaccine using DNA data. Knowledge and technology are ready to go. But new way is possible to bring more toxic viruses.
Humans have co-existed with viruses. This corona virus would become weaker at the next wave. In general we don’t have to be pessimistic.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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