Dharma in April 2020

Dear zen friend
Zendo is closed.
Nothing has happened since the middle of March.
The first time in human history, smile has disappeared in the whole world.
During WWII, South Americans were smiling.
At the Cuban crisis, Asians were smiling.
Now in 21st century, corona virus has spread into every corner of the earth.
All the people are anxious.
I feel that serious world event happens every ten years recently.
Fukushima tsunami and nuclear power plant explosion was in 2011.
911 was in 2001.
Collapse of USSR was in 1991.
More big events are expected in this year and 2021.
Humans enjoyed peaceful time from its birth.
An old civilization lasted centuries and millenniums.
Roman empire existed for thousand years.
Romans enjoyed slow and cheerful life around Mediterranean sea.
Nobody knows how long pyramids have existed.
As we come to think we are smarter, serious events occur more frequently ever.
No matter how corona virus naturally or artificially originated, modern medical science was involved with its advent.
Corona pandemic as well as other big events seem to be revenge against extreme human handling.
We are busy, perhaps too busy.
Social distancing is not contradictory to Buddhist life style.
Those who are infected with corona virus are not necessarily patients.
Millions do not go to hospital because of influenza symptom.
A few effective drugs are already found and used.
Social activities will re-open soon, maybe in May.
Magnolia bloomed today.
While worrying about ongoing world events, garden had changed from snow to flowers.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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