Dear Friends
Thank you for your concerns on my problem, which started 11/25/19.
I could not sit on Sundays as well as during sesshin for more than 2 months.
Sciatic nerves were painful.
X-ray pictures showed no significant damage on bones and discs.
A doctor sent me a physical therapist.
Upon awakened around 3 am on 12th, Youtube was on. A Japanese martial artist said “Get rid of rubber bands, use a string.” with 6 milli meter strings in his hands.  My eyes opened wide.
I took a walk 6 miles once a week last 2 years with 3 socks. One pair of socks was heavy duty, tight, and reached my knees. Socks were supposed to be a protector. They really became the cause of sciatica.
The martial artist also said that the waist, pelvic areas should not be a supporting point but be massaged.  The physical therapist advised exercises to loosen muscles around the waist and thighs. Both agree on how to cure sciatica.
Now the physical therapy methods have worked.
I am almost free from nervous pain.
March sesshin is coming soon.
Enjoy spring.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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