Dharma in June 2020

Dear zen friend
1)  I’d like to reopen Sunday zazenkai from 8 am to noon on Sundays.
It is easy to sit in summer, in warm and breezing days. We sit while windows are open.
We have to gradually restart normal life with corona virus anyway. Please think coming zendo as attending summer camp.
2)   We are having slow life for 4 months due to corona virus pandemic. I thought the pandemic was like a new flu. Every year millions of people are infected with flu and less than 1% of them die.
This time is different. There is no vaccine nor a specific medicine for the new virus. The uncertainty has made people fearful. I’ve heard Japan has 3 medicines and America has 2 medicines for the cases. Where are they?
One thing became clear. That is immunity, the last resort for life. Medicine is a help. When immunity collapses nothing can help for living. And immunity is increased by vitamin D, which is made by sunbathing. Immunity also is increased by move. Physical move makes body warmer, more fluid, and stronger. Thus young people are generally immune to the corona virus.
When I had flu, I went to an Indian restaurant and ordered spicy dish. Then I slept covered with multiple futons and sweat. I followed my grand mother’s instruction.
A scientist said an antic body is made when body becomes very warm after infection. Sweat needs for cooling body after heating or fever the body. It  is the same thing as my grandma’s teaching.
I cleared woods in the land, made firewood, and is digging a huge stump. I’ve been playing with birds, deer, and racoon. We saw the most beautiful peonies in the garden. Not bad so far.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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