Dharma in September 2021

Dear zen friend

1)  We have had the longest rainy summer this year as long as I remember.Rain, shower, hail, thunder storm happened any time, any day. Outdoor works were often disrupted. Weeds outgrew mowing. 

Rainy weather is predicted as of today. It is interesting to see color of foliage in coming months. 
If the same trend continued, we would have a lot of snow.

Neighbors have stacked more firewood earlier than usual. 

2) There was a political meeting in Tokyo and new prime minister was elected yesterday. 

This election was most excited in Japan in many ways. Not like an American politician, a Japanese candidate does not speak loud People do not exactly know what he or she would intend to do on an elected seat. For the first time in its history, agenda were publicly debated. 

Debates were started by a woman contender. More than 80% of YouTube viewers were in favor of her. She declared the candidacy first, but was ignored by so called media. Among old media like newspapers and TVs, her popularity was reported less than 20%. 

As debates went on, the mood in the whole country changed. Her running remarks were viewed five million times, while other’s were viewed about two hundred thousands each.  One was kicked out due to inadequate comments.  Another guy changed his positions in policies pressed by her straight viewpoints. 

The prime ministership had never been challenged by a woman there. She was sincere, courageous, smart, and pretty. I hope she would win next time. A current situation needs her vision, gut, and presence for the nation. 

Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

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