Dharma in August 2021

Dear zen friend
1). Summer is almost over. 

We had a long rainy season, weeds and flowers grew quickly. 

Under the corona epidemic I have been busy for weeding.

 It was fun to have a butterfly and a humming bird. 

2)   Years ago Olympic slogan was faster, higher, and stronger. Athletes just ran, swam, threw a javelin., fought boxing and wrestling Rules could be clear and simple, 

Tokyo Olympic games had many kinds of event. 

Skating boards were street plays, balance and maneuverability may become new slogan for Olympics. 

Synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics belong to new category of sports. 

Soccer needs a sense of team work as well as individual athleticism. 

Field hockey showed unique techniques for penalty shootings. 

Having started with simple ideas, Olympic games has been developing toward complication.This way may be how human culture improves. 

3)  Past TV shows and classic movies are broadcasted through internet. Having watched those masterpieces, nostalgic feelings have come up. 

We had a society without iphone, internet, and, or computer 50 years ago. Typewriter was the fastest way of printing letters those days. Slow life was common. People respected quality over quantity. 

How chaotic our society has become! 

Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

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