Dharma in the year of Rat, 2020

Dear Zen friends
A Happy New Year!
1)    No sesshin in January
      February sesshin:     from  02/07  to  02/11
2)  On Sundays there are Sunday Zazenkai from 8 am to Noon.
We usually sit for 4 periods.
During winter we put a session, ‘Shobogenzo study in snow country’ from 11 am to noon on Sundays.
We are reading Genjokoan this winter.
If interested, please join us.
3)   My new year resolve is to follow ‘The Eight Awakenings,’ the last chapter of Shobogenzo.
It recommends eight minds on how to live as a Buddhist.
The classic text is full of wisdom.
Many things happened last year.
It was the year I visited a hospital and saw a doctor most often in my life.
That fact taught me that health is the base for everything.
Life is unpredictable.
A schedule here may be changed according to a situation.
Please mail back if you have any questions.
The whole Shobogenzo tells us we should do our best as long as we are alive.
From the snow country.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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