Dharma in November 2019

Dear zen friend
1)       December sesshin     from   12/06   to  12/08
     Year end sesshin        from   12/27   to  12/31
   January sesshin        from    01/17   to   01/21
2)     Shobogenzo in a snow country
        We have study group during winter. A chapter of Shobogenzo is translated, read, and discussed during a snow season. Genjokoan, the first chapter of Shobogenzo,  is picked up this season.
        The discussion starts at 11 am on Sundays. The event is scheduled on 1st, 15th, and 22nd in December.  5th, 12th, and 26th in January 2020.
3)     Uchiyama Roshi said a few clear words which still remain in my ears. One of them is that one cannot understand True Dharma before 65 years of age.  Even Sawaki Roshi spoke deluded words before that age.
         A historian expressed similar feelings. He felt painful to live while being young. He was surrounded with lies in school, in work places, and among mass media. He started looking for truth in historical studies. After decades of search, he finally has found peace in mind since the truthfulness is seen in his sight.
         I feel that my view about the dharma is completely different from the one in my twenties. Contents of the dharma now were unable to imagine 10 years ago. All chapters of Shobogenzo become finally connected. Many puzzles were solved.  I am over 65.
         This is why I want to have special study group during snow season.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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