Dharma in October 2018

Dear Zen friend
1)       November   Sesshin::    from 11/09  to  11/13
          December   Sesshin:     from  12/07  to  12/09
          Year End     Sesshin::     from  12/27  to  12/31
2)   I used to start stove in the beginning of December. This year stove has been used since middle of October.
      It used to be fine in Autumn for a month. It has been many rainy days this autumn.
      I used to stack firewood in the shed at the end of November. This year firewood are wet.
      I used to drive country roads for seeing beautiful foliage. This year I see ugly foliage.
      Why was foliage beautiful? Because all leaves of mountains turned red and yellow at the same time.
      This year some turned red, some remained green. Colored leaves were blown off by wind while green ones sticking to branches.
      Sporadic foliage is seen ugly in dark light under clouds.
3) Zen is said as a way to find the Self.
So everywhere and any time questions “Who am I?” or “Who are you?” have been asked and discussed.
Especially for Koan zen, a student has to show his answer for his teacher. It is ceremonial at the same time is essential.
I have a question. Why are they asking by present tense?
I have a feeling now that a person is growing with aging.
Aging is not only a matter of time but also identity for a person.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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