Dharma in September 2018

Dear Zen friend
1)     October sesshin         from    10/12   to    10/16
        November sesshin     from    11/09   to    11/13
2)  There are many rainy days. Stacked firewood does not look dry. A worry for winter.
3)  There are many steep hills covered with woods in Japan. Anyone can start climbing training in his backyard.
One day a friend of mine and I challenged to walk a middle class mountain. As we proceeded, I found a piece of paper with haiku written on it.  We read it and walked further. Then another paper with haiku was found. Hundreds of yard after that, another note was attached to a tree. Then we came to expect where is next paper.
After 5 or 6 papers were seen we wondered who stuck these notes to trees. Immediately we recognized that we did not climb but look for notes. While looking for a note, we forgot tiredness and effort. We thanked somebody who stuck notes for helping climbers.
In Iowa or Nebraska I do not desire to walk. A flatland does not give us motivation to walk or climb.
Warner Hill Rd goes through 3 steep hills. I walk down to a bus stop one or two times a week. It takes 50 minutes to arrive. It is the same time for sitting one period. Who built the zendo here and began a local bus stop there? I thank all of them.
A hundred years ago, almost all people walked in daily life. They walked for shopping, school, church, and work. We drive now and even forget how to walk.
If I could not walk, it would be  the time to completely retire. If  I were born I would like to  become a logger.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo



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