Dharma in March 2023

Dear zen friend

1).   April mini sesshin:    April   7,  8,  9.  

      May mini sesshin:     May  12, 13,  14. 

2)  On 3/14  it snowed for 2 days and left 2 feet snow. 

Many trees fell. 

Power outage lasted for 2 and a half days. 

I shoveled 3 foot deep snow on the driveway and in the back yard. 

It was the hardest exercise during this winter. 

Deep snow in March makes me longing for spring.  

3)  WBC, World Baseball Classic suddenly became popular this year. Through Youtube I watched many games. The final game was done at Loan Depot Park in Miami on 03/22, and Japan won the third WBC championship. 

What an excitement the series brought for millions of fans worldwide! MLB stars played not only for America but for other nations. Consequently MLB players educated baseball in global scale. 

Many MLB players refused to participate in the first event of WBC. They laughed at the new series of baseball.  Its goal was unclear, management was messy. Japan stole first and second WBC Championships. There Ichiro was. 

This time Shohei Ohtani played at WBC. He pitched, hit, and ran. He was on screen at all Japanese games. Moreover, he could make drama and acted on the best scenario. 

At the final game between US and Japan, Ohtani stood 4 times in the batter box. In the ninth inning, Ohtani had to face at least 3 batters to close the game. Opponents were best MLB players. Not a tiny mistake on throwing ball could not be allowed to make. Without breath the world watched the final battle, first showdown with Mike Trout. The scene will be remembered forever.  WBC seemed to offer a stage only for Shohei Ohtani. He accomplished his mission. Unbelievable!

When Japan played against Czech Republic team in Tokyo, Ohtani was struck out by 3 throws. He could not hit amateur (Electrician) baseball player’s super slow ball.  MLB players are the best and strongest. Yet there are tactics how to fight. 

Millions of people watched WBC games worldwide and loved them. TV commentators and journalists spoke about the games. People had a joyful time to forget pains in the world. 


Eishin Ikeda

Valley Zendo

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