Dharma in May 2019

Dear zen friend

1) June sesshin: 06/07 – 06/11
July sesshin: 07/12 – 07/16

2) Baika (Sotoshu Songs) Lesson: On June 20th (Thursday) from 9 am to noon.
Baika teacher is Rev. Kuga Shonen with Rev. Kojima Shumyo as attendant.

You may touch a different culture other than sitting.
If interested, please join us.

3) (A) Workday: On July 20th, (Saturday) from 9 am to 3 pm.
(B) Lecture of Rev. Shohaku Okumura on July 21st, (Sunday) at 10am.
Rev. Shohaku Okumura is resident teacher at Sanshinji, Bloomington, Indiana, was one of original members of Valley Zendo.

4) President Trump had four day trip to Tokyo from 25th to 28th. He was accompanied by many cabinet members. It looked like a move of the government administration. He and his team met emperor Naruhito and Japanese cabinet members. He promoted new era Reiwa. That was what national guest means.

He watched Sumo wrestling, and gave the presidential trophy for the champion. He looked taller than Sumo wrestler, who was supposedly the strongest. His seats were specially made, a steps to the ring was newly built. No one stands on shoes on the ring.
The first Sumo bout was recorded in’ Kojiki,’ the official history written 1300 years ago. Sumo is not a sports but a ceremony in front of an emperor. Sports did not exist thousands years ago.


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