Seasons Greetings

Dear Zen friend
1)  There is the Summer Lecture at 11:10 am to noon on 12th, Sunday.
Guest speaker is Rev. Eve Marko who has presided Green Valley Zen Center for years.
Potluck lunch follows.
Hope everyone would share her sense of the Dharma.
2) There will be One Day Zazenkay at Shantigar on Saturday August 25th.
The session starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm o’clock.
Dharma discussion, walking into the woods, and general Q&A are included.
Shantigar:  63 Davenport Rd. Rowe        (413)339-4332
Last Sunday while having lunch, 2 young deer visited Zendo.
They were standing about 10 meters distant from us and eating grass.
They may know a hunter moved away.
Sunday afternoon I stepped on a nest of wasp bees. Sharp pains were sensed. As I was taking shirts and trousers, 6 or 7 wasps came out inside clothing. They bit me on the skin at least seven places. They have been itchy and uncomfortable for 4 days. I chopped fire woods as much as possible for washing away poisons through sweat.
Another bee problem. Bees have tried to make a big nest at the entrance of Zendo. I removed it by water, but they do not give up their project. The fighting may continue for a while.
Have good time for the rest of summer.
Eishin Ikeda
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