Dharma in May 2018

Dear Zen friend
1)    June sesshin        from 06/08  to  06/12
       July  sesshin         from 07/06  to  07/10
2)   The last winter was long, last snow fell on April 30th. Wood stove heating was necessary for 6 months.
      In Los Angeles it rained yesterday, air is chill.
3)   In Little Tokyo new restaurant serving ‘Okonomiyaki’ is open. That was my favorite meal in Japan. I have been waiting for the taste in the us. If successful, likable restaurant would spread as sushi has done.
4)   There are concepts human beings and nature. And we think humans stand on the same ground of nature. We encounter, handle, and struggle with nature. Some try to live with beauty of nature, some try to change nature for humans’ sake.
How about Buddha dharma? It seems that the dharma is over both human beings and nature. So the Dharma has survived either global warming or cooling in nature, either peace or war among human beings.
Eishin Ikeda
Valley Zendo
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