Dharma in January 2016

Dear zen friend

1) February Sesshin: 02/`12 to 02/16

2) Sorry for short notice for February Sesshin and sennding January dharma mail in February.

At the end of January my laptop crashed. Writing suddenly was deleted by no reason. Cursor moved Irregularly, so that a few important mails were deleted. The screen frequently became frozen, I had to shut down many times a day. I was frustrated. I did not know even if mail was sent or not.

Trouble apparently began last November and things went worse from bad. I could manage sending new year mail. At the end of the month, my computer became hopeless.

I do not want a luxury car, am satisfied with a used and slowly driving car. Likewise, I only want the basics, mailing and news through internet with my computer. But…

Ipad is popular. It is handled by screen touch technology. Its software must be substantially complicated compared with straight move of cursor. Irregular move of my cursor seems to be related to ipad tech. Youtube had not been seen for long. Voice recognition software must have gone far away. My old computer could not adjust to those new intangible inventions.

I decided to buy a new computer. It required new accessories, more research, extra expenditure. I want to be left alone. But the improvement of chips and software does not care of my desire.

3) Last year we had more than enough apple harvest. Apples were everywhere. While enjoyed apple sauce and pies, I wondered why many bees were not caught in my eyes at the pollination time.

A person told me that bees really were scarce. In fact lots of pollination was done by a different species than honey bee. Ah, balancing act of nature.

Honey and pollen are in apple flowers. Some insects and birds want them. Honey bee is not the only animal to work for pollination but one of them.

We screamed about reduced population of honey bee because we did not get honey. At the same time, other insects regarded the certain situation as great chance, and industriously worked. The whole operation led to the abundance of apple.

Some argue global warming and cooling. We worry about loss due to the change of climate. In the meantime nature is working according to its laws, maybe for in favor of human beings.


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