Dharma in April 2016

Dear friend

1) May sesshin : from 05/06 to 05/10.

2) I have spent whole April with my right leg dragged. Pain of lightly twisted ankle has lingered almost 6 weeks. Sheer pain in the beginning was sharp. As days passed, slowly normal movement has come back. I expect I can use a chain saw after May sesshin.

The healing process has reminded me of my shoulder frozen 6 years ago. Tendons and muscles were swelled. The inflammation of any part of body takes long time to heal. That experience has given me a certain perspective this time and kept me calm. The best doctor is time. Curable, yet we should avoid all injuries.

During April sesshin, I could not do kinhin. I heard from friends and practitioners that they could not sit. But never heard anyone could sit, at the same time not walk. I was exceptional, a pioneer. Any pioneer or #1 is something.

Then I remembered my first day of zazen. I was eighteen, visited the second well-known temple in the city for seeking a place for zazen. An old priest with crutches aside was talking to his friend. He said he could not do zazen, and instructed me to go to a small temple where zazen kai took place.

I left saying thank you. That was the turning point of my life. I am not the number one, I just followed the same way that priest walked. It was a sweet reminder. I did not ask but could guess what happened to him.


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